Minecraft Version 18w49a Free

A very popular sandbox game

A great building game that was initially published in a very basic version by a Swedish developer, but that had soon turned into a gaming giant affluent with options and features that can be downloaded to your PC or smartphone or installed on your Xbox console.
Minecraft is an Indy game, also known as a sandbox game, which will have you building ancient structures and buildings, playing survival games, and spending an impressive number of hours (or days). Minecraft's world seems innocent and cheerful in daylight, but as night falls, the monsters come out and turn your world upside down. The wide open spaces will soon make you feel like a duck in a range, and in order to safely get out of harm's way, you'll have to protect and defend yourself. Then, you'll do whatever you need in order to survive: collect firewood, prepare lunch out of freshly hunted prey, and more.
The kingdom, which is called The Nether, will have you facing molten lava as well as fierce monsters (only previously seen in Junior High), and also here, your ability to build shelter and craft tools, will save you from trouble. You should notice that the game is available for free in its Minecraft Classic version. However, in order to enjoy more levels you'll have to set up a paying account with Minecraft.net which will require you for means of payment. Download the game here to start playing it anyway you choose.
This is a first-person gameplay, and the 3D animation is pleasant, although it could be better. There are several gaming modes, including a multi-player mode, which will enable you to challenge friends and family.
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